Marzano’s Optimizer

mzi-wxixtpcm-175x175-75“Optimizer responsibility is the positive, inspirational emotion that leaders bring, especially when confronted with meaningful change (Marzano).” We all know that change is inevitable, just as well that we know how difficult change is to accept – indeed, one of the most foundations of humanistic contrasts. Regardless, as leaders, encouragement to embrace, perhaps even search out change (and subsequent failed events) can be a powerful approach. If possible, selling the concept of change-same2change can be more palatable when presented in parallel with efficiency models. Everyone wants to save time, even when we know that the chances are we will quickly fill up our every waking minute.

One potential change agent aligns well with the type of work that we do everyday as teachers. The ability to be able to capture our voice and movement can be accomplished with an application called Screencasting. Screencasting allows you – and/or your students – to write or draw on a device and talk about what you are doing. This could be a conceptual lesson, or a student sharing how they are currently able to apply concepts. The outcome is an mp4 audio file, which can be reviewed, reflected, shared and ideally both teacher and student (and/or parent) used to monitor misconceptions, level of understanding and skill sets.Explain everything

There are several companies who offer screencasting apps at low costs, which include ExplainEverything (creates an mp4 file); Show Me (specific audio file on their website), and screen-cast-o-matic.


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