Marzano’s Monitoring and Evaluating

127-seo-monitoring-iconMarzano states that “specific feedback is critical to teacher success, therefore subsequent student success.” The ever-pursuit of quality in everything we do is highly sought and it is well known that it requires substantial amount of time. Assessing behaviors of ourselves, our educators and learners is essential, and somehow we need to find the time and methods to monitor, evaluate and provide useful feedback as often and critical as possible. Technology can assist in our pursuits in offering more efficient methods to gather data, especially meaningful qualitative data, which can be difficult to measure. To be able to fully monitor our outcomes, we need rich, humanistic data gathered on how educators interact with learners. More than student evaluations or administrators standardized classroom observations, the ability to allow peer-review-groupeducators to create media-rich e-Portfolios, which can be shared and peer reviewed for the educator to further reflect upon and continuously improve upon.

Examples of applications, which can help us gather and share our instructional activity include:

  • Explain Everything screencasting to create active presentations, which can be shown in class, and/or at home;
  • Google Drive for storing, sharing, editing and presenting our efforts;
  • Edmodo can facilitate communication between teachers, as well as hold discussions about teaching and learning;
  • Nearpod allows teachers to engage, create and assess their own unique approach;
  • Class Dojo, allows teachers to monitor and give feedback instantly; and
  • Duolingo is one of the best apps for those of us who wish to add another language. Socialmediabandwagon

Of course, we can always use a variety of Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Social Networking, Websites, etc. to capture, share and gain feedback from our colleagues.


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