Marzano’s Ideas/Beliefs (Digital Citizenship & Leadership)

Marzano states that it is the Instructional Leaders beliefs that shape the culture of the campus and creates (or not ) belief-red-blue-pillsfollowership. Leadership beliefs are derived from many sources. Through their educational experience, work experience and personal experience. Finding a way to capture all of these experiences and developing the tools to share them when appropriate may be the challenge. There is a great TED video on how to create a movement by Derek Sivers. In this video, he shares a video of a movement taking place as he analyzes and narrates. The example may seem odd at first, however, when it is broken down into component parts, I believe that most of us can translate this experience into our leadership goals. We all want to see a movement of ideas, especially if they are embraced in the way in which the video portrays.
So, the question is, “will you be a lone nut?”445522274_640

One relatively recent movement is on creating digital citizens. Integrating appropriate, relevant and meaningful (ARM) instructional technology into teaching and learning is, of course, on-going and important. However, what is the ARM outcome of using technology? Ideally usability is one outcome, as well as creating digitally literate citizens with significant and appropriate digital footprints. Creating thousands of text messages or Facebook posts may create the illusion of a digital footprint, however, it may not functionally demonstrate the outcomes and abilities of our learners. In addition to these approaches to technology, 1009461_682296641783711_1680170072_oalong with gaming and other personal uses of technology, we should be integrating technology which enhances productivity, access, business acumen and perhaps even coding. There are several resources, which can assist with this approach, which include:


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