Marzano’s Contingent Rewards (Assessment/Evaluation)

executive compensation static showcase_cec3a334eb44791c2dca12534db944e1Contingent Rewards, or “swapping rewards for performance”, first requires accurate, appropriate assessment – or the gathering of behavioral data. Today’s instructional leader should appreciate formative and summative assessment in and beyond the classroom to support teacher growth and an increase student achievement. It is important that teachers understand formative (to form an understanding of what a student knows and use that to determine instructional needs) assessment is not for grading – it is for learning. Summative assessments are useful to determine what learning has taken place after instruction. Philosophically, if a summative assessment indicated that little or no learning took place, that should become a formative and new learning opportunities should be provided to assist in student mastery. Therefore, quality instruction includes both formative and summative assessment at the appropriate time and frequency.

Examples of resources which can assist in creating formative assessments, include Poll Everywhere (allows students to ETLL Poll_Everywhere Logoanonymously share their responses, which are then aggregated and displayed as a chart so educators can quickly determine percentage of students who responded correctly); Explain Everything screencast (allow students to record their voice and digital movements as they solve problems, producing an MP4 video file, which teachers can review); Coggle (mind mapping tool); ForAllRubrics (allows teachers to create and score rubrics on mobile device); and Wordle (allows students to represent their understanding through word frequency visuals).


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