Marzano’s Change Agent

Before we share the next 21st Century attribute, we would like to remind everyone that we (the authors) have been collaborating for over 15 years and believe that the differences in our background are a strength. You will notice that we try to provide a broad PK-24 perspective, Michelle focusing on PK-12 and Jace on Higher Ed. Therefore, in this blog, we attempt to blend our ideas, as you will see more evident in the following 21 (now 20) attributes of a 21st Century Educator/Scholar.

Screenshot 2015-03-11 11.59.32It seems that the only consistency in life is change. We can debate it, discuss how to address it and complain about it, but regardless, change will occur. Therefore, it seems the only true option is to consider how we manage change in a productive, positive manner.  One way is to create an environment for educators to change at their own pace, with multiple options so they can determine their own method of change. Empowerment is an effective change agent for successful transitions. There are many apps which can empower educators, aligns with the 21 Things for the 21st Century Administrator is Portable Mobile Administrator. The portafourability to use a portable device to take and share digital photos of the campus, record and send voice mails, draw diagrams (Paper 53) and save to the cloud are just a few examples. An extra bonus is that at the end of the year, a dynamic visual annual report can be efficiently produced by using these photos and documents. In addition, the power of virtual assistants, such as Siri, Google Now and Speaktoit Assistant allow educators to quickly access information, as they travel, hands free.


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