non-profit-organizationsIt would seem the more tasks that we are trying to accomplish, especially at the same time, the more organization would be helpful. Educators know all too well, the necessity of organization and being able to access materials efficiently, and share broadly. There are many organizational applications, which can help us categorize, track, sort and query to access information quickly. Unfortunately, no one app does it all for us and none will perform the miracle of reading our minds and anticipating our needs. However, there are programs, which understand how teachers think and predict some of our methods for teaching. If we can find the time at the front end of a project and set up the app, and regularly input critical information, then when the stressful time of the term is upon us, we can reap our awards of identifying the right app and putting forth a bit of effort early.

The first free app that we will share, which can assist in our organization is called Edmodo. Edmodo is the worlds largest 140px-Edmodo_logo.svgsocial/educational network with over 50 million users who attempts to assist 21st century learners, and how they access and process information. Edmodo allows you to set up a course, enroll students and allow parents to view the course. You can organize your course material and make available when you choose. You can also create assessments, surveys and polls to determine student progress and understanding.

The second free organization app is Dragon Dictation, which 88873d5c20314c08d3dcecd19173b037allows you to speak into your device and the app dictates or translates your voice into text. This is a good way to organize ideas, plans and to do lists into one document, which can be shared, emailed, or posted on your course learning management site. Dragon is also a nice way to “write” material, when you are on the go, traveling from one place to another.

The final organization app that we will share on this post is Paper by Fiftythree, which is a uniquely nostalgic way to ejkrqa7nz1ulptitpnwvcombine technology and the tradition of writing and drawing. Fiftythree (which stands for the 53 cm on a standard size paper) is a quick way to make notes, or draw a diagram to represent your or learners thoughts. It can simply be used as a replacement for paper (which different than paper, can be quickly shared electronically) and/or by using the built-in tools, you can create colorful artworks. Fiftythree believes that “software has made some us less creative, and that good ideas can emerge from pencil and paper.


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