Online Presentation Apps

instructionalDesignCreating high quality, engaging and accessible presentations are critical for educators. Historically, we have used chalkboards, acetate overheads and Powerpoint. The basics for a good presentation has not changed. Good instructional design applies regardless of the presentation format. There are many instructional designs, which we can use to help guide our message. Focusing on how people attend and process information should be key elements in our preparation. In addition, there is a relatively new model for steps-730x345building conceptual-based presentations called Design Thinking (DT). DT typically includes five stages, Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation & Evolution.

One method to create and store your presentations in the cloud would be to use Google Slides, which is free and available through your Google Drive account. Google Slides has the advantage of storing your presentations at the same location where your other documents already live. The steps to create are menu driven and can be modified and shared with collaborators.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA second presentation app is Slideshare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations with 60 million users each month. Slideshare has been around for about ten years and allows you to upload presentations, infographics, documents, video’s, PDFs and webinars.

The final presentation app is relatively new and called eMaze. eMaze has been referred to as the next generation presentation software. It is free, easy to use, cloud-based, multi-device accessible, provides 3D designs and perhaps most unique contains voice activation and language translation.


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