Active Learning

fail einsteinStudent engagement is critical for learning at any level. There are many ways to engage students using active learning methods. There are easy to find lists of active methods, which include activities such as Think-Pair-Share, One Minute paper, the Muddiest Point, and more. Integrating technology into active learning can be accomplished with minimal effort and produce a significant increase in engagement, in addition to the advantage of capturing and sharing students efforts broadly for reflection, authentic assessment and evidence of growth.

We are trying to remain device agnostic with our posts, as most applications can either be accessed via the web or free on multiple mobile devices. One way to engage students is to ask them to paraphrase what they have learned by making a virtual representation using one of many creation programs. One app which can be used is Educreations, which allow learners to quickly diagram concepts, draw connections, and create a digital story with their narration. Levels-of-Student-Engagement

Another quick way to create and share is using the Evernote app. Learners can write, collect, curate, find and present what they know in a way that makes sense to them. This approach allows learners to capitalize on the power of constructing a personal schema, sharing and learning with their peers.


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