Communication: First Categorical Post

filesharecomputerThis is the beginning of our sharing applications, aligned with what we believe teachers and administrators do often throughout their day. Our hope is that these apps will help in efficiency, organization or perhaps just the ease the pain of completion. We will make sure that the apps that we suggest are FREE or low cost, easy to learn and implement, and of course attend to our ARM model (appropriate, relevant and meaningful).

Communication Applications
Blogs. Educators need to be able to communicate quickly and broadly with a diverse audience, which may include students, parents colleagues and administration. There are many internal ways for communicating within an institution, however, Blog word.frequently we need to connect with stakeholders outside of the institutional portal. One easy method is to create a blog using one of the many free, easy to use blog webapps, such as WordPress ( The term blog came from the terms ‘web log’, or journaling. Sites typically provide one click buttons to journal your ideas on a daily basis. Once you set-up your blog account and bookmark your site, then adding information is very efficient. Once you share the site with those interested, then each of them can determine when they wish to receive communication from you.

Micro-blog. The most popular webapp for micro-blogging is Twitter ( Similar to the blog, Twitter allows one to quickly communicate, however there is a 145 character limit on each submission or Tweet. Many have seen this character limit as a positive, as it allows for quick sharing, as well as quick
Hargis Tweet Sum Feb 2015reading of other Tweets. Once you set-up your account, you share your Twitter handle with those interested and they can Follow you (or not) to receive your updates. You can attach links, photos, video’s and .pdf‘s.


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