Attributes of T&L

Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.21.30We believe that there are many attributes to quality teaching and learning, perhaps the most critical is Accessibility, especially to a large international audience. To accomplish this, TL needs to be Engaging, Open, Shareable (therefore cloud-based), Social, Flexible and Mobile. As mentioned previously TL, as well as technology or any behavior, in which the desired goal is to be sustained and applied, the ARM model of Appropriate, Relevant, and Meaningful must be persistent. There are many ways to share and encourage effective TL Attributes, all of which attend to a foundational learning theory, derived in some way by gathering empirical evidence through formulated social science experimental designs. Popular theories included constructivism, cognitivism, behaviorism, conditioning, social learning, and a newer connectivism, which aligns with the integration of emerging instructional technologies. Just as important as appropriate TL attributes are well-aligned assessments, especially those, which gather behavioral data during the process of learning, which are called formative assessments. Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.17.47The Information Processing model, which identifies basic steps of sensing, short term, long term and upon appropriate prompts the ability to retrieve information. For this coding process to work effectively, we need to code and decode the information in a similar manner, therefore the alignment of instructional methods and assessment is critical.


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