Innovation and Distinction

Successful teaching and learning  aspires to innovate. To do this, we need support from the administration, cooperation from the academic leadership and collegiality and willingness from faculty members. Perhaps most important, we need to be provided time and resources to stay ahead and offer ideas for advancing pedagogy, interaction and engagement.

Screenshot 2015-02-18 10.23.35Teaching and learning is the engine that runs our passion. Attributes include inquiry (project-based learning), content/curriculum (digital learning resources and repository), assessment (formative, authentic, learning analytics, personalized, flexible pathways), quality (professional learning), preparing and supporting teacher development in 21st century teaching, learning design and qualifications, research and instructional technology.

There are many worthwhile topics, which we would discuss regarding TL innovation and distinction. One approach is the idea of Design Thinking (DT). Neumaier (2009) defines DT as the “process of working through problems while operating in the space between knowing and doing, prototyping new solutions that arise from the use of four key strengths: empathy, intuition, imagination and idealism.”


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