Curio-Us Thinking Posts Structure

Screenshot 2015-02-13 14.09.30Although much of our Curio-Us Thinking is random and non-linear, we realize that readers might prefer a clear structure to help them follow along. Therefore, our plan is to identify activities we have seen teachers and administrators address on a daily basis, and link those activities with an app or eProgram. We will target applications which are free, easy to learn and use, cloud-based, Appropriate, Relevant and Meaningful (ARM). Following each, we will include Arma quick poll to gather data on whether readers would use the suggestions and to give us ideas on what you would like to see. Teaching categories we believe might be useful include: professional development, planning, assessment, curriculum and methods, communication, and effective use of learning technology. Administrative and instructional leadership activities we believe attend to the ARM model include: communication, data management and analytics, visioning, leadership development, school and project management, evaluation, reward and recognition, and of course, meetings.


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