Philosophy of Teaching & Learning


We have an “eager adopter” philosophy to teaching and learning (TL). We review innovative ideas and through our experiences determine whether they might add value to instruction. We embed the ideas or methods into a low-risk teaching session, collect data on interaction, performance and learner disposition. We then document the outcomes and share with others, in hopes that our experience can help other faculty determine if the idea or method aligns with their style and instructional approach. We believe that everyone should have an open mind, be a hungry life-long learner and embrace as many (low risk) failed events.

8fae42_4de579cfdcf044558a61038dea48da15.jpg_srz_300_225_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzOur philosophy for TL is to not only accept, but embrace and search out opportunities for failed events The more experience we have with temporary moments of failed events, the stronger we become at handling larger, more significant challenges. The ability to endure failed events requires a secure person, who has solid support from their leaders, colleagues and students. This attribute naturally lends itself to reward risk-taking, which we know results in further exploration, curiosity, engagement and many attributes, which have been shown to increase achievement and success.

Another outcome of failed events is building relationships. The power of TL (and especially instructional technology) will impact many people, although the way in which the impact occurs typically depends on the type of relationship that exists. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we all recall our favorite elementary teacher and how the good ones made us feel empowered. Subsequently, we may have felt an efficacy towards the teachers discipline, whether it was one of our strengths or not. Ideally, if this type of relationship building was more ubiquitous, learners would enjoy transformative, sustainable interactions and it would provide multiple opportunities for them to focus on their strengths.


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